Club Bye Laws 1-7



1. Bye-Laws

Bye-Laws are introduced by the Club Committee from time to time to ensure the smooth running of the Club.  They are supplementary to (and in accordance with) the Club’s registered Rules.


2. Opening Hours

The permitted Club hours are governed by the Club Premises Certificate – Licence No:

LN/000000987 dated 3 November 2005 (copy displayed on Notice Board).  However the normal opening hours are as follows:


Day         Times

Monday 1200 – 1400 & 1900 - 2300

Tuesday 1200 – 1400 & 1900 - 2300

Wednesday 1200 – 1400 & 1900 - 2300

Thursday Closed all day

Friday 1200 - 2300

Saturday 1200 - 2300

Sunday 1200 - 2130

The Club Committee may from time to time extend these hours.


3. Admission to the Club

Guests, visitors and family members may only be admitted to the Club in accordance with the Club Rules and members must accompany them at all times and shall be responsible for their behaviour.   Non-members must be signed into the Visitors Book.  Entry to the Club may be restricted from time to time to members and their guests attending a function for which a fixed payment has been levied, e.g., an RMA Deal Branch Formal Dinner  or other such occasions.


4. Membership Cards

Members are requested to carry their Member-ship card on their person at all times whilst on Club premises as proof of their current member-ship.


5. Children

Whilst children are welcome in the Club it is the responsibility of the person bringing them on to the premises for their supervision and good behaviour.   No annoyance to other Club users will be accepted.   No young persons (under 18 years of age) are permitted at the Bar.


6. Dress Code

Members and guests are expected to observe an acceptable standard of dress whilst using the Club premises. Sleeveless vests, cut down Jeans, overalls or other specialised working clothes are not allowed to be worn in the Club. Gentlemen should not to wear hats or other headwear in the Club, unless for medical reasons.


7. Animals

No animals other than Guide Dogs for the Blind are permitted in the Club.