Club Bye Laws Cont...

8. Food & Drink

Food and drink may not be brought on to the Club premises for consumption.


9. Fund Raising

No Fund Raising activities are permitted to be conducted in the Club other than that authorised by the Club Management Committee.


10. Bar Area

No unauthorised person may enter the Bar area.


11. Prams, wheelchairs, etc.

Prams, pushchairs or other carriages are permitted in the Club area at the discretion of the Committee. However they must not be parked in such a way as to block any Fire/Emergency exit.


12 Members’ Property

The Club accepts no responsibility for members’ property on the Club premises or for cars, bicycles, etc., left in the vicinity of the Club.


13. Misconduct of Members

Disorderly conduct including drunkenness behaviour and bad language is not permitted in the Club.  The Club Committee shall have the power to caution, suspend or expel any member whose conduct in or out of the Club shall in their opinion be prejudicial to the interests of the Club (see Rule 4.1)


14. Gaming Machines

Only members and their bona fide guests are allowed to play the gaming machines.   Machines will be switched off 10 minutes after Bar Closing Time.   Any plays or credits left in the machines at the time will be forfeited.   Children are not permitted to play the machines.  


15. Suggestions.

Any suggestions or grievance regarding Club matters must be submitted to the Club Committee via the Club Secretary.  Anonymous complaints will not be considered.


16. Placards and Notices

No posters or notices may be displayed on the Club Notice Board without the prior approval of the Club Chairman or Club Secretary.


17. Complaints

All complaints or suggestions must be made in writing giving full details of the complaint or suggestion, signed by the member and handed to the Club Chairman or Club Secretary.


18. Spare


19. Spare



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