2018 Flag Raising Ceremony

This years annual short but important ceremony to raise the Union Flag on the Mast in front of the former Officers Mess in the South Barracks housing estate took place as is usual on the first day of British Summer Time (BST) at 1100hrs on 25th March 2018.

A less windy day than last year, but as the wind was blowing in the wrong direction the flag had to be raised rolled up like last year and ‘broken’ at the top of the Mast. However the team of former Royal Navy man Devrow Jennings, ably assisted by Don Wade and watched over by John Hardy, the procedure was carried out without a hitch; Well done to all three of you.

The Bugle calls this year were brilliantly carried out by C/Sgt Andy ‘Pastie’ Cornish and on parade as the Colour Party were Peter Hall, John Elms and Bob Davies.

The event was supported and watched by relations and friends of the flag raising team, the colour party and many residents of the estate. A reminder to all of the heritage of the area where they live.

Members are invited to mark up their diaries to come along on the first day of BST next year to watch, or better still to take part, to ensure the continuance of this very special occasion. Too much of our history in the area is being lost, but with the RM Heritage Trail opening in April and good support each year for this particular event, we can ensure that the spiritual home of the Royal Marines will never fade from peoples memory.


Union Flag