2017 Flag Raising Ceremony

This years short, but important annual ceremony to raise the Union Flag on the mast outside the former Officers Mess in the South Barracks housing estate, now known as Calvary Barracks, took place at its usual time of 1100hrs on the first day of British Summer Time (BST) on Sunday 26 th March 2017.

The morning was bright, but very windy, but with the wind blowing in the wrong direction for a safe fully open flag raising, former Royal Navy man, Devrow Jennings, and with the help of Don Wade had to raise the flag in a rolled up state, and released when in position. Well done to both!

Attending the occasion this year were branch members, John Elms (Army), and Peter Hall and Bob Davies (RMs).

Our usual Bugler, former RM, Bryan (Billy) Walker has now retired from these types of events, and we would like to thank him for his previous attendances and excellent bugle calls over many years. We were therefore very pleased to have with us this year Max Robinson, from Ash, a former army cadet, who is waiting to join the Army Air Corps, and we thank him for his excellent playing.

The ceremony was watched as usual by many residents of the estate, who on completion enjoyed drinks and a light buffet in the foyer of Ramsey House, formally the Wrens Quarters, and we thank Anny Elms for organising that.  

Members are invited to come along next year on the first day of BST to take part, or just to watch, and afterwards enjoy some good snacks and free drinks. What former Bootneck could resist that!



Union Flag